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Interesting Facts

The designated area is known as the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area. It extends to the 11,499 foot peak of Mt. San Gorgonio. All forms of wild life visit the Ranch at one time or another. A creek runs year round and big 200 year old Cottonwood trees provide summer shade. The creek starts about 1/2 mile above the house at a permanent spring area. Water is forced out of the ground by the big rock formations near the house.

The ranch is located 2.5 miles off the highway up a dirt road. The last 1/2 mile is a gated private road.

Located near the main house, is the “Little House”. Here you will enjoy modern accommodations in a 1,000 square foot, one (1) bedroom house with a large Family room and a single bathroom. Early 20th Century charm is included with an evaporative cooler to cut the summer time heat, and a wood stove for warming up those winter nights.

Near the Little House are examples of Native American Indian “mortars”, used to grind nuts and corn.

Pierce Ranch is located in San Bernardino County. Property address is 7575 Little Morongo Road, Morongo Valley CA 92256. It is only 25 miles from Palm Springs Airport. Medical facilities located in Palm Springs, Desert Palms, and Joshua Tree. It is less than 10 miles to shopping and other services in Yucca Valley.


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